About the blog: The idea for this blog came about during my final year studying at university in London. Fresh from a term studying a range of topics ranging from animal biodiversity to vertebrate anatomy my passion and enthusiasm for animals and conservation was rekindled, and the PPB was born. The PPB aims to educate the reader both in the biology and ecology of species within Panthera and draw upon contemporary issues which are affecting their plight for survival in the wild.

I’ll aim to post a new article at least once a week and I’ll keep the content as relevant and as accessible to everyone as possible, not just readers with a scientific background.

About the Author: Hi! I’m Alex, a 21 year old university student studying Earth Sciences in London (well, for just three more months). I have decided start this blog in order to to branch out and deepen my knowledge of zoology and conservation through big cats. I’ve always had an interest in animals, and was tantalizingly close to studying for a full Zoology degree before for reasons unknown I chose to study Earth Sciences instead. I’m not saying Earth Sciences isn’t interesting, because it’s quite the contrary! However  this blog will document my journey as I play catch up with zoology and conservation through the realm of big cats.


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  1. I’m so glad we have another big cat blog on WordPress! The timing is excellent, because as I’m sure you know this is an important time for big cats. The next few years will be critical for determining what sort of future they will have.

    P.S. You might also want to check out Southwest Jaguars (https://swjags.wordpress.com/), Bring Back Big Cats (https://bringbackbigcats.wordpress.com/), and Katey Duffey (https://kateyduffey.wordpress.com/). All good big cat-related blogs.


    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll check them out now!

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  2. sgwright62 says:

    Hey, a fellow zoology student and big cat lover! I look forward to reading your blog.

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