Welcome to the Panthera protection blog, a blog and online space devoted to everything big cat, zoology and conservation related.

My interest in big cats and conservation stems from my younger days watching the BBC’s Big Cat Diary, an annual series where a team of big cat experts and trackers would follow Cheetahs, Lions and Leopards around the African Savannah, and ever since, I have become both fascinated in their biology and ecology, and ever more aware of their plight for survival. Studying at university has finally enabled me to couple my passion for animals with the knowledge of their anatomy, biology and evolutionary history and this blog will be both an insight into those factors, and the issues threatening the survival of big cats, and indeed all other endangered species.

Throughout the following pages,  I hope to capture your imagination and fascination, much like Big Cat Diary did mine over ten years ago, and raise awareness of the struggle for survival endangered species face on daily basis.